Sermon Notes
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Mark 10:17-27

We all have different things that we are protective of. For example, we protect our family, our personal information, and even material things. In Mark, we are told about the rich ruler who had a great deal of possessions. He was unaware that these possessions were hindering him from having eternal life. He felt that because he was a "good person" and kept the commandments that he was good.  However, we learn that this is not the case. When Jesus told him to sell all of his possessions and give the profits to the poor, he became very grieved. His desire to protect his wealth deterred him from realizing the greater that God had in store for him. Oftentimes, like the rich ruler we attempt to protect things that we need to let go of. While our issues may not be with wealth, any person or material thing that keeps us out of the will of God is a stronghold.

Oftentimes, we profess that God comes before everything else in our lives, but if we do a honest self-assessment, we realize that we place everything else (job, family, money, cars, houses, people etc) before our relationship with God. This should not be so. Our soul is our most valuable possession and eternal life should be our goal. In order to have eternal life, we must have a relationship with God and make certain that we are living according to His will. In order to be in God's will, we must be willing to let go of things that He tells us to when he tells us to. We must ask ourselves this question: What am I protecting and is it hindering me from getting into heaven?