Sermon Notes
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Luke 6:47-49; Hebrews 3-4; John 1:29; John 4:16; James 1:22

When you are building anything, the foundation that it is built on is the most important aspect. We must remember that a house built on sin can appear to be just as pretty as a house that is built on the Word. It is not until storms arise that the difference in the two house will be revealed. The house built without a sound foundation (sin) will not be able to withstand the storm and will perish. However, the house constructed on the Word will be able to weather any storm.  We must remember that sin entered into the world with Adam, and this broke man (us) away from God. We needed a redeemer, so God sent His son. Jesus gave his life for our transgressions. Although He was sinless, He allowed them to beat him until he did not look like a man. He died to appease God's anger towards us and so that we could have life.

We hear the Gospel, but are we truly living as it says we should or are we only adhering to the portions that benefit us? Are we earnestly seeking God or are we dabbling with other teachings as well? These are questions that we must continuously ask ourselves. Our soul is our most precious attribute, and we should make certain that it is anchored in Christ. We know that Christ should be our foundation, but is He really it? Are we caught up in a life of habitual sin (lying, cheating, stealing, sexual immortality etc)? If so, then there is no way that Jesus is the foundation for the house that we are building.

We must think about the type of house that we are building. In spite of what we may think, we are all constructing a home for our soul. The question to ponder now is whether we are we building to spend eternity in hell or are we building to last?