Sermon Notes
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Matthew 16:13-20

Any time you do something, someone is going to have an opinion about it. People talk, and that is a simple fact. In Matthew, Jesus asked his disciples who people said that he was. People thought that he was everyone from John the Baptist to some of the other prophets. Jesus finally asked the disciples who they thought he was. Simon Peter said that he was the Christ, the son of the living God. His answered moved Jesus to give them keys to the kingdom of heaven. We know that keys are powerful tools because they give you the ability to lock and unlock some things (bind and loose). Who do folks say that you are? Sometimes we allow background noise to interfere with what is real. We allow others to define who we are and who Jesus is to us. Instead, we need to come to the realization, like Simon Peter, that Christ is the son of the living God.  We have to realize for ourselves who God is and stop listening to the "he said, she said."