Sermon Notes
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Genesis 15:1-4; Genesis 16:1-4; Genesis 17:15-16; Genesis 18:10-14; Habakkuk 2:3

God doesn't need any assistance from us I fulfilling any promises He has made. We do not want to do as Abraham and Sarah did and complicate the situation. God promised a son to them, but Sarah grew impatient when things did not happen in her timing and on her terms. Instead of holding onto the promise, she convinced Abraham to have a baby with their handmaid, Hagar. In spite of their meddling and muddying the situation, God remained true to the promise he made to them and Sarah bore a son in her old age. As Habakkuk states, God's promises come to past at His appointed time. Things looked hopeless for Sarah, but at the age of 90 (well past child bearing age), God made good on His word and Sarah had Isaac. All that we are required to do as believers is believe and receive any promises that God has made to us. Stumbling blocks may arise while we are waiting on the promise to come to fruition, but they are just an attempt to derail our focus from the promise that was made. Regardless of what's going on, do not lose focus. Just remember the promise!