Sermon Notes
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Ifyou will just make up in your mind that you are going to stand firm on the Word of God, then He will always fight on your behalf. In Daniel, we learn that the three Hebrew boys had a made up mind. They knew that God had said that they were to worship no other gods and therefore refused to bow down to the statue the king had erected. Even when faced with being thrown into the fiery furnace, they refused to bow. As promised, God delievered them from the fire unscathed and destroyed those who had thrown them into the furnace. 

We must be like the Hebrew boys in regards that we:

1) Have a mind made up to serve God

2) Refuse to bow to the world and the things it presents us

3) Always humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God

With God, nothing is impossible and our greatest deliverace will always come when we have made up in our minds that we will yield to His will.