Sermon Notes
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2 Chronicles 14; 2 Chronicles 15; 2 Chronicles 16; Isaiah 43:2

Asa started off upright and always looked to God for help. Because of this God fought on his behalf and crushed many nations. Somewhere along the journey, Asa lost hope in God and formed an alliance with the King of Aram.  Instead of seeking God for help, he took money out of the House of the Lord to fight his enemies on behalf.  A seer named Hanani to Asa that  his decsion to rely on the king of Aram as opposed to God would cause him to constantly be at war. This news infuriated Asa and he threw the Hanani in prison and began to oppress some of the people. After a while Asa was afflicted with a foot disease that could have been healed if he had only sought God. For whatever reason, Asa chose again to forget God and only looked to physicians for healing. Eventually, Asa died from the disease.


God will fight for us. However, we must not forget God once we have a victory. We do not want to fool ourselves, like Asa did, into believing that we are able to handle things on our own or that forming alliances with other men will end in a better outcome than with God. The word tells us that if we seek the Lord that he will be found by us. Conversely, if we forsake the Lord, then he will forsake us.  We must get back to (and remain in) the word of God. Like Asa, we can be our own worst enemy. We convince ourselves to honestly think that we can rely on other things and/or people to bring us through. God made us a promise that He would always be there. All we have to do is stay the course and finish strong.