Sermon Notes
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Job 1:1-4; Job 2:11; Job 4:1-2; Job 4:7-8; Job 20:1-5; Job 42:7

Job was an upright man with ten kids, a wife, and limitless possessions. The devil, being himself, felt that if he attacked Job, then he would surely stray away from God. The devil was relentless in his attacks. He attacked Job’s material things, took away his kids, and even attacked Job’s health. When he lost everything, all he had left were three “frenemies:” Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar. These friends came to visit Job when he was at his lowest point. After hearing about all that Job had been through, the only advice they could muster up was that he had sinned. These friends became very judgmental and opinionated.

Sometimes we unconsciously become frenemies. Like Job’s “friends,” we give advice based off our limited knowledge and assumptions. We need to understand that those we consider to be our friends are not always looking for judgment. Oftentimes, like Job, they just need our compassion.

God has a purpose for each of our lives so there are certain trials and tribulations that we have to encounter in order to make it to our appointed place. While going through, everyone will not understand our struggle. Like Job, we will lose things and people. Our true friends will encourage, but those “frenemies” will be lined up to discourage. Be mindful that regardless of what the frenemies say or think, in the end, God will always get the victory. He restored Job to better than and He will no doubt do the same for us. All we have to do is remain faithful to Him.