Sermon Notes
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Mark 5:22-34

In Mark, we are told that Jarius had an appointment with Jesus to have his daughter healed. On the way to his house, the woman with the issue of blood came into contact with Jesus. She had made appointments with many doctors but none of the treatments had been successful. In fact, she had gotten worse in spite of all the money she’d spent. She heard about Jesus and was determined to just touch his cloak. She figured that if she could just touch his garment that she would be healed. She pressed her way through the crowd and touched his cloak. Because of her faith, she was healed.

The woman with the issue of blood could have become distraught and depressed. She could have allowed her condition to defeat her. Yet, she did not. Instead, she figured that she would turn her issues over to God and allow Him to handle it. She did not allow herself to get caught up in all the formalities. As believers, we have to sometimes become as desperate for deliverance as the woman with the issue of blood. The devil is always looking for ways to destroy us spiritually. During those times we cannot afford to adopt an attitude of defeat. Instead, we must realize that God is always available to help us and that while an appointment may be preferred walk-ins are always welcome. He will never turn us away.