Sermon Notes
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Romans 8:28-31; Romans 8:35

Every believer must know that if God is for you, then nothing else matters. As believers, we must remember that we have nothing to fret because God is protecting us. This does not mean that we are immune to attacks. The enemy’s job is to attack us in an attempt to remove our focus from God and the purpose that He has for us.

The devil operates just like a hacker. He waits to see where and how he can penetrate our spiritual firewall. The devil would love to do nothing more than to install a virus in us, which destroys all the files we have saved in our systems. Since we know that the enemy stays in attack mode, we must invest in the proper protection. Just as Norton Antivirus protects an actual operating system, we must use God’s Word to thwart attacks against us.


Oftentimes, the enemy’s attack comes camouflaged as something that is good for us. This is similar to how unknown viruses get past the initial firewall. We do not immediately recognize that a virus is present. It is not until the system begins to operate improperly that we begin to wonder what is wrong. In our spiritual walk, when things begin to not line up with God’s Word, we must get to the root of the problem. Just as we scan and delete corrupt files and programs from our computer systems, we must do the same with things that we have allowed in our lives. Anything that is not like God needs to be completely removed from our lives. Simply placing it in a different compartment gives it the potential to reemerge in our lives. We must continually download the Word and allow it to manifest in our actions. Just as computer software was built for a specific purpose, God has a purpose for our lives as well.