Sermon Notes
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Malachi 1:1-3

When God calls us out of darkness, we must leave everything that is associated with darkness there. If we continue to hold on things that God tells us to release, then those things become a hindrance and negatively impact our personal relationship with God. We must realize that if we proclaim to live by the Word of God that we are a separated people. Therefore, we cannot behave like the world does. Instead of focusing on worldly things, we need to place all of our energy and focus into solidifying our relationship with God. We need to identify any rubbish that we brought with us out of the darkness and rid ourselves of it.

Just like with the people of Israel, when God makes a promise to us, it comes with specific stipulations. The people in Malachi became complacent and caught up in worldly affairs. They became impatient and wanted natural restoration when they were in desperate need of spiritual restoration. Oftentimes, like the people in Malachi we want a different outcome, but we do not want to make the changes required to result in a different outcome.  We do not want to become like the Israelites and question God's love for us. When situations do not work out or move at a speed we desire, like the people of Israel, we begin to question whether or not God still loves us. God's response to this question never changes. In Malachi, we learn without a doubt that He has always loved us and that he is always there.